What the Hell is Nomad Courier?

It’s official… Nomad Courier launched on September 28, 2010 and this blog post is long overdue.

What the hell is Nomad Courier?

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Nomad Courier is the quintessential photo blog which expounds on the meaning of life over a couple of cocktails, in a tent, in the middle of the Sahara Desert while staring at the stars wondering if the stars are really just a bunch of explorers wearing headlamps looking down at us and we are really rats in a cage… breathe…

What? Just kidding.

Nomad Courier is actually pretty simple… It is a team micro-photo blog! A what? OK, let me break it down for you even further…

Nomad Courier consists of a team of 7 nomads traveling the world taking beautiful, unique, and often silly photos which are converted to “digital postcards” which we share with the world.

The inspiration for Nomad Courier came one evening while chatting it up on Twitter with Ant over @ TrailofAnts.com He tweeted how “at times like this, I wish blogs were just a series of handwritten postcards, and posts were literally posted.” I told him we should run with it and create such a website. Ant, being the busy guy he is, said, “Do it, Jenneil!” So, in a little less than 2 days, a prototype of Nomad Courier was launched and less than 2 months later, we went live with a fabulous team of Nomads.

@TrailofAnts Tweet
Enter the 7 Nomads… without which Nomad Courier would not exist and definitely would not be as awesome. Each of the 7 Nomads has something different to offer the travel blog world and I feel honored to be working with them.

Brendan Nomad Courier Stamp

Brendan – widely known for his Top 100 Independent Travel Website list, was one of the first to jump on board. Besides his own travel blog, he is diving into other projects to quench his thirst for travel, such as recently becoming editor of the Kumuka Blog.

Brock Nomad Courier Stamp

Brock – a former Canadian Idol contestant, is, by far, one of the best video travel bloggers out there. He brings his travels to life with HD video and won me over with his “Friday Five.

Crystal Nomad Courier Stamp

Crystal – may be a newcomer to the travel blog scene, but has been rocking the world for several years with her professional photos & videos, and now her inspirational blog posts. If you haven’t heard of her yet, you’re missing out!

Diana Nomad Courier Stamp

Diana – a freelance writer, based in NYC, regularly contributes to SeeNYC.com. She took the plunge into the travel blog world this year and is expanding her travels to the globe.

Jason Nomad Courier Stamp

Jason – just returned to the states after spending an uncubed year in Asia and is already itching to go back. While abroad, he launched unanchor.com to help you plan your next travel itinerary.

Sherry Nomad Courier StampSherry – reminds us all to take a Career Break without feeling guilty. The blogging guru of the team, she is teaching us the ropes of the travel blogosphere and sharing some amazing postcards in the process.

Simon Nomad Courier StampSimon – by far, one of my favorite travel bloggers… He and Erin left it all behind to travel to infinity. Simon is not only a great web designer, but also an awesome storyteller.

Already this month Nomad Courier has featured Egypt, Mongolia, Cambodia, and Bolivia and much more. Come back later this month and you will see postcards from Italy, Japan, Thailand, Costa Rica and more slices of (Northern) Americana.

So, stick around… Nomad Courier is finding its groove and the party has just begun!

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