What is Nomad Courier?

Nomad Courier is a unique community travel blog. Our team of nomads travel the globe taking inspiring photos along the way. We turn those photos into custom postcards to share with the World on our mini-blog platform.

Meet the Nomad Courier Team Members

Jenneil — The Nomad Courier

Blog: Hello, Meet World
Twitter: @HelloMeetWorld
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I am a public servant by day and a travel-junkie by night.

I was born and raised in a small farming town in Michigan, but have been anchored in California for the past 8 years. I have traveled extensively throughout the U.S. visiting over half of the States, but I am still a travel rookie.

Deciding that domestic travel was not enough for me, I spent a month in Chiapas, Mexico learning about their culture and people. After our first visit to Chiapas, I knew my entire world had changed. I no longer cared about achieving the "American Dream" I had sought for 30 years. Knowing I had found my true passion in life, I began focusing on becoming location independent.

Over at "Hello, Meet World," you can read about my Mexican adventures and follow along on my upcoming trip around the World. Here, at Nomad Courier, I have launched a unique team micro-photo-blog to motivate you to pursue your own travel dreams through our inspirational postcards.

Jason Demant

Blog: LIfe After Cubes
Twitter: @LifeAfterCubes
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Hi, I’m Jason. I find Will Ferrell to be hilarious, hate the feeling of velvet and have a strange phobia of touching my own belly button. I grew up in Northern California — I was born, went to grade school, high school, college and started my professional career all within a 3-hour radius in Northern California.

I began my career less than a week after graduating from college. Two years later, I got my first stamps in my passport and have been hooked on traveling ever since. A year after my initial trip abroad, I took my second international 10-day trip and it was then that I realized these short vacations just weren’t going to cut it.

My girlfriend and I began saving and 2 years later, in October 2009, we quit our Silicon Valley jobs to travel and try to make it on our own, the entrepreneurial way. We spent our first year abroad in Asia where I launched my first business, UnAnchor.com. Before your next trip, check out UnAnchor to find the perfect itinerary telling you the best places to see and how to get around in a cost effective manner. You can also catch up on our travels on our blog, Life After Cubes.

I would like to thank Ant from TrailofAnts for the inspiration for this website.