Postcard 1214

Cup of Chai, Nomads? This friendly chap served us a cup of that most agreeable of Indian beverages, Chai: a sweet milky tea that is served throughout that great nation and is a personal favourite of your humble author. The vigorous scooping action that you are seeing is repeated multiple times, one presumes to mix the ingredients thoroughly although there is a touch of performance to the action and an integral part of the Chai quaffing experience. Yours With Extra Sugar, Simon

Chaiwallah Postcard Message - India

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Christmas Presents

Medellin, Colombia

Postcard 344

Belated Feliz Navidad Nomads, The citizens of Medellin do so enjoy their Christmas lights. Throughout the city's parks and public spaces there are displays like this, injecting a welcome shot of festive cheer to the primed vein of Colombia, situated as it is in the tourniqueted arm of Latin America. Your humble author was particularly impressed by a mile-long section next to the city's river in which classic Christmas stories such as A Christmas Carol and Girl Who Fears Santa Gets Presents Delivered to the Kitchen were recreated in slightly simplified but larger-than-life illuminated glory. And if you prefer Christmas Cheer of a different kind, there were many, many stalls ready and willing to cater to you. Yours festively, Simon

Christmas Presents Postcard Back - Medellin, Colombia

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Location: Colombia
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A Warm Welcome

Caqalai, Fiji

Postcard 1109

Bula Nomads! These agreeable fellows greeted us as our jolly little boat approached the tiny island of Caqali. Full of song and with some of the widest smiles I myself have ever encountered, it was a wonderful introduction to our little retreat. A few nights later, your humble author was cajoled into pulling out his own guitar to join in the musical exchange. Naturally, it was required that I be fortified with many cups of the local narcotic brew, kava, first. I put up little resistance. Yours Singingly, Simon

A Warm Welcome Postcard Message - Caqalai Fiji

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Location: Fiji
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A Little White Rhino

Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Postcard 1053

Close Enough, Nomads? Although it is entirely possible that the attraction of seeing such a majestic beast up close could make you forget how dangerous these animals are, one does well to remember that they can run much faster than we human beings can and that they also come equipped with a rather impressive weapon at the end of their noses. I therefore feel that sighting these armoured megafauna in the wild is best done from a suitable distance. Except, of course, if you are on an elephant. Yours Protected By Tusks, Simon

A Little White Rhino Postcard Message - Chitwan National Park, Nepal

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Location: Nepal
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3:10 To Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Postcard 987

When one walks on tracks, one should expect to see trains. Yours With Diesel, Simon

3:10 To Sri Lanka Postcard Message - Sri Lanka

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