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Postcard 1214

Cup of Chai, Nomads? This friendly chap served us a cup of that most agreeable of Indian beverages, Chai: a sweet milky tea that is served throughout that great nation and is a personal favourite of your humble author. The vigorous scooping action that you are seeing is repeated multiple times, one presumes to mix the ingredients thoroughly although there is a touch of performance to the action and an integral part of the Chai quaffing experience. Yours With Extra Sugar, Simon

Chaiwallah Postcard Message - India

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Bow to the Cow

Srivilliputter, India

Postcard 425

Vanakkam from India! Go just about anywhere in India, and you're bound to come across a cow, walking around without a care in the world. They stop traffic, eat what they wish, and even walk into a restaurant or two. That's because in India, a cow or 'bovine,' if we're getting technical, is sacred. Cars could be backed up down the street and still, the cow gets the right of way. In the little town I was staying, these kids dressed up a cow and walked it around asking for donations to some 'charity' that I'm convinced was a hoax. Still, even growing up on farm like I did, it's not everyday a cow covered in flowers is paraded around the village. I fed into their sneaky plan and got a photo with them in return. Cheers, Brock

Bow to the Cow Postcard Message - Srivilliputter, India

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