What is Nomad Courier?

Nomad Courier is a one-of-a-kind community travel blog. Our team of nomads travel the globe taking inspiring photos along the way. We turn those photos into custom postcards to share with the World on our mini-blog platform.

Why Submit a Guest Postcard

We will always be looking for fellow Nomads who want to submit guest postcards. The more the merrier we say. If you are interested in submitting a guest postcard, please read more below.

  • Be a part of something new and exciting in the travel blog community and build new relationships
  • Drive traffic to your website/twitter account since all guest postcard posts will contain a link to both
  • It’s easy, quick and fun
  • There are no limits to how many postcards you can submit (although we cannot guarantee every submission will be published)

Guest Postcard Guidelines

  • Send an email with the subject: Guest Postcard Submission (info [at] nomadcourier [dot] com)
  • “Attach” a photo to the email (do not include any writing, watermarks, etc on the photo)
  • Photo submission should be a minimum of 800 width by 600 height or 600 width by 800 height
  • Include the “title” you would like associated with the postcard in the body of the email
  • Include the location of the photo (city/state, city country, etc.)
  • Include the text you would like on the back of the postcard in the body of the email
  • Include your first and last name in the message
  • Limit the text to 50-100 words
  • Each photo must be taken by you. No stock photography allowed (i.e. you must submit original work, not the work of others)
  • Include the website and Twitter link you would like included with your postcard in the body of the email
  • Let your personality shine. We are looking for unique, humorous, and fun postcards.

Nomad Courier Guarantees

  • We will not publish your photo/postcard on any other website
  • We will not sell your image/message for profit
  • If we offer postcards for sale in the future, we will obtain your permission prior to offering your postcard for sale
  • We will post at least 1 of your postcard submissions within 30 days (if it meets submission guidelines and is not offensive)
  • You retain all rights to your photos/postcard message and can request to have them removed from the website at anytime