Postcard 1214

Cup of Chai, Nomads? This friendly chap served us a cup of that most agreeable of Indian beverages, Chai: a sweet milky tea that is served throughout that great nation and is a personal favourite of your humble author. The vigorous scooping action that you are seeing is repeated multiple times, one presumes to mix the ingredients thoroughly although there is a touch of performance to the action and an integral part of the Chai quaffing experience. Yours With Extra Sugar, Simon

Chaiwallah Postcard Message - India

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Hong Kong, China

Postcard 1210

On my way to see the giant Buddha on Lantau Island, I was told it's the largest cable car structure ever constructed. Sure, that’s interesting; however, my favorite thing about the brochure referred to the ride as “Taking the Journey of Enlightenment”. I’m not really sure I was enlightened; however, the views from the cable car were stunning. Yours in enlightenment, Sherry

Suspended Postcard Message - Hong Kong, China

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Location: China
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Stuck in Ollantaytambo

Ollantaytambo, Peru

Postcard 1176

If you take the backpacker train to Machu Picchu, you must travel through the town of Ollantaytambo, Peru to catch the train.We arrived with the expectation of being able to hop on a train straight away & visit Machu Picchu the next day. Yeah right, what were we thinking... The next available train was more than 36 hours away so we were "stuck" in Ollantaytambo for nearly two days. To our surprise, this small Incan village was not only gorgeously nestled between 3 mountain peaks, but we arrived in the midst of their annual artisan festival. While there, we were invited by our hostel hosts to participate in the festival and drank the homemade brew (Chicha de Maiz). p.s.: don't drink the Chicha until after Macchu Pichu. Jenneil

Stuck in Ollantaytambo Postcard Message - Ollantaytambo, Peru

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Location: Peru
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San Francisco Cable Car Museum

San Francisco, California

Postcard 1162

Greetings from City by the bay! San Francisco is famous for its cable cars. At the intersection of a couple of the cable car lines, you'll find the wonderful & free cable car museum. Cables run below ground throughout all of San Francisco, always moving at 9mph. At this museum (in this picture) you can see the big wheels that power those cables. Definitely worth a visit on your next trip to San Francisco. Jason

San Francisco Cable Car Museum Postcard Message - San Francisco, California, USA

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Location: USA
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Christmas Presents

Medellin, Colombia

Postcard 344

Belated Feliz Navidad Nomads, The citizens of Medellin do so enjoy their Christmas lights. Throughout the city's parks and public spaces there are displays like this, injecting a welcome shot of festive cheer to the primed vein of Colombia, situated as it is in the tourniqueted arm of Latin America. Your humble author was particularly impressed by a mile-long section next to the city's river in which classic Christmas stories such as A Christmas Carol and Girl Who Fears Santa Gets Presents Delivered to the Kitchen were recreated in slightly simplified but larger-than-life illuminated glory. And if you prefer Christmas Cheer of a different kind, there were many, many stalls ready and willing to cater to you. Yours festively, Simon

Christmas Presents Postcard Back - Medellin, Colombia

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Location: Colombia
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