One Cheeky Youngster

Huaraz, Peru

Postcard 922

Good Day Nomads, This adorable little urchin was snapped at the inauguration of the new Yurac Yacu Community Centre in Huaraz, Peru. This initiative was spearheaded by the NGO arm of the Canadian-run guest house with whom we were lodging, located high up in the hills. On learning of my particular group of skills, your humble servant was asked by the delightful owners to stay on and build a new website for their NGO in exchange for food and accommodation. With no particular place that we needed to be, and given the luxuriousness of the suites, The Lovely Erin and I heartily agreed. We were then cordially invited to the opening, where we witnessed the aftermath of a guinea pig genocide - 50 of the poor devils roasted and served with boiled potatoes. It seems that the locals are partial to a good bit of Cuy. Yours With Community Spirit, Simon

One Cheeky Youngster Postcard Message - Huaraz, Peru

Do Simon a solid, buy a website.

Location: Peru
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