St John the Divine

New York, NY

Postcard 837

While visiting Harlem for the first time, I spotted the spires from St. John's rising above everything! Just a few blocks from the famous Apollo Theatre and Columbia University is this Cathedral-- the largest in the United States and 4th largest in the World (just behind St Peters in Vatican City, one in Brazil and one in Spain). Designed in 1888 and after numerous construction stops and starts (and its share of issues), the Cathedral is still considered unfinished; visiting it though and touring around either on your own or with a guide it is hard to tell where the unfinished parts are--- the building is so huge. The postcard doesn't do it justice--neither do any of the photos I took-- it is a beautiful sight of enormity-- very awe inspiring for me. Diana

St John The Divine Postcard Message - New York City, USA

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