Computer Break at 10,500 ft

Alma, Colorado

Postcard 689

Was thinking of you taking those power walks around the mall during your lunch break the other day while I was traipsing through the Rockies. My afternoon computer breaks involve hiking through the mountains at 10,500 feet. I don't see a soul, I hear nothing but the wind and wildlife and I get some serious exercise. Oh so rejuvenating! Did I mention my town has only 275 people, no stoplights and 4 marijuana dispensaries- yea, its "legal" here. Plenty of room for you! Toss your doggies in the truck and hit the highway. Ditch those mall-walking shoes for some real hiking boots and exit the rat race. I'll be waiting for you at the top of this hill. See ya soon! Crystal

Computer Break at 10,500 ft Postcard Message - Alma, Colorado

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