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Boone, North Carolina

Postcard 681

Was thinking of you the other day when I was driving down a mountain road and saw this little gem of a house. I know you just signed on that over-inflated mortgage and your wife just dropped a wad on that Pottery Barn kitchen set and you're feeling the pain of being chained to your consumption run-a-muck habits. I get it, you were always the over indulger. But just think, you could buy this little gem for next to nothing, make it all self-sufficient and off the grid, cultivate the land around it and grow some food and spend the better part of your days enjoying yourself, your family and the simple beauty of productivity. But yes, you would have to actually talk to your wife and pretend you still like her. Your choice- chained to consumption or reveling in production. Good luck, Crystal

New Digs Postcard Message - Boone, North Carolina

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