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Seattle, Washington

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Hey guys- Whenever I'm back "home" for a visit I hit the Ballard Locks. Even after growing up in Seattle and seeing the locks a zillion times, I still love the serene setting that becomes quite lively when the boats travel through the narrow canals like this one connecting the Puget Sound to the fresh water of Lake Washington. Open year round, the locks bring many tourists to see boats of all sizes, from canoes to yachts, pass through the locks' mechanically adjusted water levels. Another thing to see here is the glass paneled fish ladder that allows the public to watch salmon do as the boats do: transfer from fresh water to salt water (but I think the salmon swimming upstream have it a bit tougher than the boats). Sea Lions have been an enemy for the locks. For years the city struggled with Sea Lions camping out and feasting on the poor salmon. The Sea Lions were routinely captured and released miles away, only to return again and again to dine with ease. I can't believe it is not raining today! Diana

Boats and fish Postcard Message - Seattle, Washington

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