Moment of Reflection

Panama City, Panama

Postcard 585

Dear friend: I was amongst the locals today at the market here in Panama City. I saw no other tourists, that I could tell. I was feeling very authentic, very non-American in the regard that I was acting, walking, talking like the locals and not flaunting any image of wealth and superiority (which I try not to do even in the US): I was one of them, until I saw this man. Of course I know there is poverty everywhere, but since I was already in a poor area of the city, to see this made me stop and realize how fortunate I really am and I ached to see him this way. I wondered what happened, what was wrong--- that maybe he was just taking a rest. It is funny that I see so much beauty on my travels, but images like this stick with me longer than many of the beautiful things I see. Take care. Diana

Moment of Reflection Postcard Message - Panama City, Panama

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Location: Panama

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