Black Market Bonanza

Hanoi, Vietnam

Postcard 1006

Xin Chao from Hanoi, Vietnam, Stepping out of my hostel, I found myself on this street, immersed in a frenzy of vegetables, frogs and other curious goods being sold to passersby. Yes, I love markets. I was in heaven. Then one morning as I was preparing for my day, I heard yelling, and whistles and horns. As I looked out my balcony, I could see the police ransacking my lovely market. I later found out that my 'heaven' was an illegal black market and the police were doing a regular raid. A few short hours later, everything seemed back to normal as I left my hostel to explore the city. Cheers, Brock

Black Market Bonanza Postcard Message - Hanoi, Vietnam

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Location: Vietnam
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