Amish Country

Intercourse, Pennsylvania

Postcard 1011

Before you say anything... I too thought it was a little ironic to be in the heart of Amish country in a city called Intercourse. How can a town with that name not get the imagination going? Farms like this seem to be endless and the traditional Amish uniform of black clothing can be scene drying on the clotheslines at each farm. Driving through Intercourse and the neighboring town 'Bird-in-Hand' can induce feelings of being in another world with the horse drawn carriages and horse drawn plows (those poor horses)! I did stop at one farmhouse where fresh eggs and homemade potholders were known to be quite famous in the town. I bought a dozen eggs... and 8 potholders! I couldn't resist the homemade simpleness! Diana

Amish Country Postcard Message - Intercourse, Pennsylvania

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Location: USA

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