Gettin’ Steamy in the Park

Rotorua, New Zealand

Postcard 1068

Kia ora from Rotorua, New Zealand, There is a very distinct, foul smell when you arrive in Rotorua. Think...rotten eggs. Ya. Not pleasant. This scent was intensified when I arrived at the Geothermal Park and Mud Spa. As I walked through the park, steam was rising from the cracks in the earth. Looking down into the mud, it was actually bubbling. I always thought that New Zealand was at the bottom of the world, but this place left me thinking I had arrived at the Earth's. Terrified, the only sensible thing was to cover myself in sulphur smelling mud but that's for another postcard. Cheers, Brock

Gettin Steamy in the Park Postcard Message - Rotorua, New Zealand

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Location: New Zealand
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