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Postcard 1214

Cup of Chai, Nomads? This friendly chap served us a cup of that most agreeable of Indian beverages, Chai: a sweet milky tea that is served throughout that great nation and is a personal favourite of your humble author. The vigorous scooping action that you are seeing is repeated multiple times, one presumes to mix the ingredients thoroughly although there is a touch of performance to the action and an integral part of the Chai quaffing experience. Yours With Extra Sugar, Simon

Chaiwallah Postcard Message - India

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Black Market Bonanza

Hanoi, Vietnam

Postcard 1006

Xin Chao from Hanoi, Vietnam, Stepping out of my hostel, I found myself on this street, immersed in a frenzy of vegetables, frogs and other curious goods being sold to passersby. Yes, I love markets. I was in heaven. Then one morning as I was preparing for my day, I heard yelling, and whistles and horns. As I looked out my balcony, I could see the police ransacking my lovely market. I later found out that my 'heaven' was an illegal black market and the police were doing a regular raid. A few short hours later, everything seemed back to normal as I left my hostel to explore the city. Cheers, Brock

Black Market Bonanza Postcard Message - Hanoi, Vietnam

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Blurry Vending

Tokyo, Japan

Postcard 974

In Tokyo you can find practically anything in vending machines – they are high tech! Walking down the street, you’ll find them lined up pimping the familiar and not so familiar! Can you imagine buying beer or sake from a vending machine? No bartender necessary! Cheers, Sherry

Blurry Vending Postcard Back - Tokyo Japan

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Location: Japan
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Baby Alligator Drink in Vietnam

Hue, Vietnam

Postcard 548

Greetings from Vietnam, I wish I could tell you the purpose of these jugs, but unfortunately I haven't a clue. I also wish I could tell you that I had the guts to try this drink. Alas, all I ended up with was this picture. It's my guess that this is somehow medicinal. All it looks like to me though is a baby alligator drink. Jason

Baby Alligator Drink in Vietnam Postcard Message - Hue, Vietnam

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Location: Vietnam
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Smoked Out

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Postcard 671

Somebody's got to make the BBQ, and in the South, this art form is no small feat. Mr. Allen, from Allen Brothers BBQ, takes a brief rest at 5 am while the pork is a smokin'! Yep, that's right, he starts around 3 a.m. everyday to make that delicious Southern delicacy. But, he doesn't have to wear a suite, he doesn't sit in traffic for hours on end, isn't producing busy work in a cubicle and is just plain happy. We should all be so lucky. Crystal

Smoked Out Postcard Message - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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Location: USA
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